Orangery in Kenilworth

This family came to us at a point, where they needed more space in their house, however, they felt that they loved their house so much, that they didn’t want to move and that extending would be the best way for them to gain more living space. By us building one of our orangeries, we were able to provide them with a new space, which is now used as their lounge. This has allowed them to have their kitchen, dining area opened up to the new orangery.


Orangery in Bournville

This couple felt that they wanted a space that would be great for entertaining, but weren’t too sure as to how to achieve this. After a view meetings with ourselves, we came to the conclusion that the orangery in the pictures below, would be the best way to create this new space, by having the 7 leaf bi folding door opening the house up to the garden.

We are delighted with the finished product and it certainly impresses most people that have seen it.

An orangery like this would cost between £80k – £90k

Edgbaston Orangery

We designed and constructed this orangery in Edgbaston featuring our timber roof lantern, bi-folding, windows and doors.